Five bathrooms, Air conditioned, TV's, Pizza Oven and much more...

The Riverlady is a chartered Houseboat.... with Captin Jack at the Helm and first mate Vicki in the Galley.


The River Lady is a two level, three pontoon, twin engine with side thrusters fully renovated house boat. Lower Deck has 4 twin cabins, 2 bathrooms, 1 laundry, large galley style kitchen and large internal dining space, front deck with BBQ and swim cage off the back.

Upper Deck has 2x double cabins with shared ensuite, and 1x double cabin with private ensuite, captain's cabin with ensuite and Lounge and the large upper Deck Dining area.

The River Lady also has a solar array on the roof, a wind turbine off one side, large battery bank and back up generator so electricity is not a problem. All cabins have electrical outlets, and are air-conditioned. there are Radios and TV's with a large selection of movies to watch on demand.

The River Lady is one of the first houseboat to test having a reciprocating, filtration grey water system, which purifies the water and dumps waste into the on board sewage tanks.


note; Since the Greywater testing the EPA (January 2012) now has laws in place to force other houseboats to stop contaminating the Murray with their grey water.. we believe that every one who is on the murray should respect and care for it.

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Whats on the Dinner Menu?

"Please Sir may I have some more?"....., Well of course you can.




Jack and Vicki are both avid cooks, Jack with the BBQ and camp ovens and Vicki in the kitchen with the cook top, pizza oven and desserts. Be prepared to have your taste buds tantalised and senses mesmerised by the traditional, healthy fulfilling food that will be on offer, and you are more than welcome to go back for seconds and thirds for every meal if you feel like a little bit more. It is not unusual for our guests and friends to gain weight while on our trips due to the large amounts of food.

The River Lady is a catered cruise, but we cannot just pop out to the shops to get something that is required or requested on the day. so it is very important, if you have any dietary requirements that the be told weeks in advance so Jack and Vicki can make a menu that suits you for the whole trip. This includes.
allergies (seafood, peanuts, dairy.. ect)
trouble chewing.
Any foods that you dislike.


More importatly if you have a food that you love let us know and we will try and get it for you.




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Office (08) 85 865 803
Jack: 0414 234 585
Vicki: 0407 420 404

Post: 34 16th st Renmark SA 5341

Thank you for visiting and have a nice holiday on the river